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Pinching Pennies: Desperate Measures Pt.2

Posted in - Environment & People on March 12th 2011 0 Comments Saving Money in Desperate Times

We covered some of the more obvious penny pinching measures in our previous post: Unnecessary Costs – Pt.1, but what if you have already shaved your lifestyle down to the bare minimum and are still struggling to make ends meet?

This post stems from my experience of having been through financially desperate times myself. I hope …

Pinching Pennies: Unnecessary Costs – Pt.1

Posted in - Environment & People on March 1st 2011 0 Comments Pinching Pennies (Part 1)

Like it or not, we’re living in increasingly desperate times. Many of you have been watching the latest and greatest forecasts for food and gas prices and are wondering how you can possibly take any more financial blows. Whether you are just looking for ways to cut unnecessary spending, or you’ve genuinely reached the most …