America’s Oldest Heirloom, Non-GMO Seed Company in Trouble

Posted in - Environment & People on September 5th 2011 3 Comments Save D. Landreth Seed Company

D. Landreth to Go Out of Business if Funds are Not Raised in 30 Days

Barb Melera describes the company’s situation on Facebook:

“We set about to restore this Company because it is the most historically important American small business in existence. It is the only American company, still operating daily, that existed when this country became …

Monsanto – The GMO Giant

Posted in - Environment & People on May 12th 2010 0 Comments Monsanto: Maker of DDT, Agent Orange, Round Up, Aspartame & More

Monsanto Company was founded in the U.S. in 1901 by John Francis Queeny (a former pharmaceutical extraordinaire). The name Monsanto was derived from his wife’s former maiden name and father-in-law, Emmanuel Monsanto.