Green Construction

Eco-Domes: Affordable & Ergonomic Housing

Posted in - DIY & Home on February 7th 2011 0 Comments EcoDome

Before his death in 2008, architect and humanitarian Nader Khalili developed a breakthrough building technology referred to as Superadobe. His contributions to NASA and the Architectural Research Program live on, as do his ergonomic Eco-Dome houses.

Modern Day Cavemen

Posted in - DIY & Home on May 19th 2010 0 Comments Cave Home

People have lived in caves since the beginning of humanity and apparently it hasn’t gone out of style (though the homes themselves have become more stylish). In prehistoric times, it was often easier for people to carve homes into mountainsides than it was to build from scratch. Today, people take inspiration from architects of the …

Form and Forest Cabins

Posted in - DIY & Home on April 30th 2010 0 Comments Form and Forest Cabin

Outfitted with a massive deck, interior courtyard, master bedroom and a bathtub with a view to the stars, the Cowboy (seen above), is perfect for a couple or small family. The Cowboy is one of multiple designs by the Canadian company “Form and Forest,” who have taken modular homes to an entirely new level…

The Cob Home

Posted in - DIY & Home on April 26th 2010 0 Comments Cob Home

Cob homes have been around for centuries and many are still standing. The beauty of cob, is that anyone willing to get their hands dirty, is more than capable of building their own cob home. Not only is cob affordable and beautiful, but will continue as one of the most environmentally friendly construction …