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Potatoes: Starchy No-No, or Health-Food Necessity?

Posted in - Food & Health on February 14th 2011 0 Comments Potatoes Are Healthy

One of the first foods to go out the window when you are on a strict diet is usually potatoes. Though potatoes are still the most grown crop in the world, they have gained a reputation for being relatively devoid of nutritional value (or even bad for you). Fortunately, these are both common misconceptions.

Some of the flack potatoes commonly get, may be a result of the manner in which they are prepared. Eating your potatoes deep fried, or with a pile of butter, cheese, bacon and sour cream is certainly going to send your fat content shooting through the roof! But is a simple, straight-forward potato really unhealthy? The answer is a resounding NO!

A Food That Rivals Broccoli & Gogi Berries

Potatoes are one of only several foods in existence that are known to contain the kukoamines found in Gogi Berries. These kukoamines are believed to be a large part of what makes the Gogi Berry such an effective weight-loss food.

In addition to kukoamines, the skin of a potato also contains enough phytochemicals to rival that found in Broccoli!

Nutritional Breakdown of a Potato

One cup of potatoes (with the skin) contains approximately 26% daily value of Vitamin C, 21% vitamin B6, 18% Copper, about 14% Potassium and Maganese, 12% Tryptophan and 11% Fiber. In addition to these daily values, Potatoes contain quercetin and other flavonoids, kukoamines and over 60 types of Phytochemicals and vitamins.

With these nutritional values in mind, researchers have found that the potato is beneficial for lowering blood pressure, helping create amines (that assist in controlling your nervous system and brain function), cardiovascular and cancer prevention, bowel support, lowering cholesterol, and the breakdown of glycogen (sugars found in the muscles and liver) which probably also makes the potato a great endurance food for athletes!

With all of this in mind, you may want to think twice before you decide to ditch the potato from your diet!

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