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Deodorant Stones

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The Truth About Most Deodorants

Most deodorants bought in the store contain aluminum. They work by clogging your pores to prevent sweating, and using strong perfumes to mask odors. There has not been any research on the dangers of aluminum to your skin, but many have found that commercial deodorants cause irritation (especially women who shave).

Preventing Sweat & Odor Naturally

The difference between a natural approach, and the usual approach of commercial deodorants is the ‘stop-it-before-it-starts’ method, vs. the ‘masking’ method. Preventing odors is much more effective that simply masking them.

What Are Deodorant Stones?

One of the best alternative to commercial deodorants is the deodorant stone. I was initially skeptical about it’s effectiveness, but decided to take it for a spin. Since you can purchase a deodorant stone for $6, and it lasts for years (as long as you continue to rinse it), it seemed like a financial risk worth taking.

I’m amazed at how well it has been working. Though it doesn’t claim to prevent sweat (only odor), I’ve noticed I seem to sweat far less since I started using it. I’ve come to the conclusion that using pore-clogging aluminum might have actually encouraged my sweating.

Deodorant stones are made from Alum (a naturally occurring salt on the surface of the earth. Alum is a very safe substance that is has been used to purify water in some countries. Using the stone simply requires rubbing it over damp skin, or wetting it with a bit of water for use on dry skin. It can be used anywhere on the body where odor is a problem. The Alum works, by coating the skin with a VERY thin, invisible layer of salt that acts to kill the bacteria which causes odors in the first place (bringing us back to the stop-it-before-it-starts analogy).

Benefits of Deodorant Stones

Personally, I have experienced the benefits claimed by the deodorant stone: No irritation, less sweating (which they don’t even claim as a benefit) and no smell (although I’d like to think I wouldn’t have one regardless)… The stone is natural and safe for anyone, of any age to use.

Deodorant stones may also benefit your clothing! Some heavy commercial deodorants leave a thick film on clothes that can be IMPOSSIBLE to remove. I personally have clothing that is beyond repair thanks to my previous deodorant. At 6$ for a stone that will last several years, you will also save a lot of dollars on hygiene by switching to the stone.

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