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U.S. OECD Education Scores Continue to Lag

Posted in - Environment & People on December 8th 2010 0 Comments US OECD Education Scores Lag

United States education scores (as collected by the OECD) have been lagging for years, and the most recent reports (released on Tuesday) don’t seem to show much improvement (despite the fact that the U.S. spends more per student than many countries who scored significantly higher).

U.S. Students Rank 17th in Reading Literacy

U.S. Students ranked 17th in overall reading literacy, putting the states behind the following countries in order:

Shanghai-China, Korea, Republic of, Finland, Hong Kong-China, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Estonia, Switzerland, Poland and Iceland.

Results also showed that males continue to score lower than females on reading literacy in all 65 participating countries and other education systems.

U.S. Students Rank 31st in Mathematics Literacy

U.S. students scored an average of 487 on the mathematics literacy scale, which was lower than the OECD average of 496. This score put the U.S. below 31 other countries in the following order:

Shanghai-China, Singapore, Hong Kong-China, Korea, Republic of, Chinese Taipei, Finland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, Macao-China, New Zealand, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Estonia, Iceland, Denmark, Slovenia, Norway, France, Slovak Republic, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Hungary and Luxembourg.

U.S. Students Rank 23rd in Science Literacy

Though U.S. scores in science are not below the national average, they show serious need for improvement compared to many other countries. U.S. science literacy scores ranked lower than the following countries (in order):

Shanghai-China, Finland, Hong Kong-China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Republic of, New Zealand, Canada, Estonia, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Chinese Taipei, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Macao-China, Poland, Ireland, Belgium and Hungary.

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