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Monsanto Takes Advantage of Haiti Disaster

Posted in - Environment & People on May 21st 2010 0 Comments Monsanto in Haiti

Monsanto has pledged to dump over $4 million worth of their GMO and chemically altered seeds in Haiti under the guise of a supposed reconstruction effort. Haitian peasant farmer leader Chavannes Jean-Baptiste of the Peasant Movement of Papay (MPP) called the donation, “The New Earthquake,” and has called for a march against Monsanto, on June 4th, to protest the company’s intrusion into Haiti.

Over 475 tons of Monsanto seed, coated in toxic fungicides (such as Thiram) has already been dumped in Haiti. Not only do genetically altered crops require more pesticides, water, and fertilizer than normal crops, but they cannot be re-purposed for next year’s growing season, meaning farmers would have to purchase their future seed from Monsanto, quickly losing the organic, hardy seed they have been growing for years.

The Haitian small farmers organization is committed to burning any Monsanto seeds that cross their path, despite the Haiti Ministry of Agriculture, Kuehne + Nagel, UPS and USAID all approving the shipments.

Since gaining independence from France more than 200 years ago, Haitian farmers have nurtured and protected their native crops and seeds. The loss of these hardy native food sources would require farmers to purchase the weak and altered seed from Monsanto corporation. This would not only force them into a more costly arrangement, but also leave the country dependent on a corrupt corporation and dangerously altered food sources.

To donate to the cause of safe seeds for Haiti, visit Seeds for Haiti.

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