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Jesse Ventura FEMA Camps Show Pulled From Air

Posted in - Environment & People on December 3rd 2010 1 Comments Jesse Ventura Pulled from Air

The former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura’s TV show, “Conspiracy Theory,” has been pulled from the air on multiple occasions for “unknown” reasons that appear to reflect pressure from government to prevent public knowledge of the sensitive topics the show covers.

The episode covering FEMA Camps and rising concerns about a “Police State,” was banned from re-airing and promotion by TruTV executives for reasons Gov. Ventura has not yet commented on. The episode was also removed from TruTV’s website, along with bonus clips associated with the topic.

Jesse Ventura has been banned from Huffington Post, and claims he was filming an episode on the assassination of JFK when he was contacted by the U.S. army chief of public affairs, who told Ventura he was denied access to film in Arlington National Cemetery because of the nature of his program.

The “Great Lakes” episode, now known as the “Worldwide Water Conspiracy” should be airing today, Fri, Dec. 3 at 10 PM EST / 9 PM CST. The show barely made the cut, and producers say it was expanded in scope to deal with a number of water-related issues, including uranium, lithium, fluoride and more.

Jesse Ventura viewers can contact TruTV through their website http://www.trutv.com/contact/index.html.

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  • Janice Tobergte - Reply

    October 6, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    I was told the following from a New Jersy native who heard it on a TV news how shortly after 9/11 She lived in an apartment from which she could see over th river to the 9/11 tragedy. She lived in an apartment building on a high floor and every day she would have coffee and a telephone talk with a frierd. It ws a dILY ROUTINE. wHILE SHE Was looking out her kitchen window she noticed a white van on the roof o a parking lot. 5 men stepped out and set up a camera toward the worldtrade enters.. The men, by her description were of dark arabic looking men. Then the first plane hit the firszt building and the men began jumping up and down in glee. She called the police and gave them the liscense plate of the white van. She called a TV statuion as well and they actually intervikewed her. The police and they checked the license plate, called her back and said not to worry as it was liscensed to the Isrial embassy. These men jumped mfor joy as they took those pictures. I asked my friend what channel it was on and wether it came from a New York TV staation or from one located in New Jersy. She COULDN’T REMEMBER.. iMAGGINE THAT.? Yu might have some of your minvestigators check this out. My so called friend has since taken me off her e-mail list and changed her e-mail address.; It sounds like Isrial mand the us WERE IN Choots but that is all I have. Seems perfectly logical to me.., but I have no personal proof except what was told me by a third person. It happened on the very morning of that tragedy. Jan2berg@aol.com

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