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Geo-Engineering: Chemtrails or Contrails?

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Geo-Engineering is the artificial manipulation of the world’s climate through two primary methods: Carbon Dioxide Removal, and Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering (SAG), which consists of spraying materials (such as aluminum) into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight away from the earth’s surface (usually suggested as a way to prevent global warming or manipulate weather patterns).

Geo-Engineering & Chemtrails

Geo-Engineering entered the spotlight recently, along with rising concerns about the possibility that SAG spraying is already being conducted in many locations without public knowledge. The main indicator for these concerns is the recent appearance of “Chemtrails,” which are ejected from jets and airplanes, but do not dissipate like normal contrails. These Chemtrails have been seen criss-crossing the sky in strange patterns that appear to slowly float to the ground (sometimes leaving a visible haze or even sediment).

Chemtrails have been a major source of dispute between those who believe they are simply normal contrails (effected differently dependent on weather conditions), and those who continue to present scientific indicators that Chemtrails are indeed a reality.

Comparing the Evidence

Testing for Aluminum, Barium & Heavy Metals

In Northern California, Solar Expert, Dane Wiggington’s ranch has been continuously exposed to visible trails which he monitors and photographs. In the film, “What in the World Are They Spraying,” Dane describes the changes in the clarity of the sky and air.

Tests performed on water and soil in and around Dane’s ranch, found levels of aluminum 50,000 times higher than 5 years previous, and tens of thousands of times higher than what are considered “high, but acceptable” levels. Similar tests performed in locations around the globe (where suspicions of spraying exist) have shown equally dangerous levels of aluminum and barium concentrations.

A news cast from LA, News 12, covered this topic in Arkansas. They performed many of their own tests, and referenced previously declassified government documents which specifically refer to “Chemtrails.”

LA, News 12 Covers Chemtrails & Finds Toxic Levels of Barium

Arguments Against ‘Heavy-Metals’ Evidence

Arguments against this evidence, question how the source of these compounds can be proven and argue that aluminum, barium and other metals are naturally occurring substances. These metals are naturally occurring in both water and soil in small amounts, but most tests being performed in supposed “spray areas” are showing dangerously toxic levels that can contaminate the root systems of plants and have serious health effects on both people and animals.

The argument that the source of this contamination cannot be proven does hold weight. The evidence from aluminum and barium tests proves that the levels of heavy metals are unnatural, but cannot prove that Chemtrails are (without question) the source of this problem.

If They Were Doing This, Wouldn’t We Know About It?

Until 9 years ago, it was completely legal for the U.S. government to conduct secret testing on populations without their knowledge. Though this law was modified due to public outrage, it still contains numerous loopholes and discrepancies that can be interpreted as desired.

The 1977 senate hearings confirmed 239 populated areas had been contaminated with secret chemical and biological testing performed by the U.S. government from 1949 to 1969. These tests were conducted without any public knowledge. The release of the 1994 Rockefeller report also concluded that hundreds of thousands of military personnel had been subjected to secret biological testing.

There are 32 public weather modification programs currently undergoing research in the United States. The declassified government document titled “Owning the Weather,” admitted that some weather modification techniques have been in practice since the Vietnam war.

Numerous secret operations are constantly being declassified (unfortunately, many years following the incidents). The argument that we would know if the government was performing such programs does not hold very much weight when the history of previous and similar secret activities is considered.

Is It Even Possible to Spray from Jets?

A common argument against the possibility of Chemtrails is the claim that commercial jets cannot physically be equipped to spray large amounts of anything into the atmosphere. However, this argument does not address the possibility of military operations.

Aircraft have been equipped to spray many types of chemicals including agricultural chemicals, and chemicals used in biological warfare. In Vietnam, the U.S. military sprayed large amounts of the deadly chemical, Agent Orange, over thousands of acres of Vietnamese forest. There is absolute proof that military aircraft have already been engineered to spray chemicals and other materials. Military spray testing has even shown up in radars from various weather reports (see below).

Weatherman Explains Chemtrails seen on Radar

The question still remains, is it possible to equip a commercial aircraft to perform this type of operation? The answer appears to be a resounding yes, (straight from the mouth of Geoengineer David Keith). Keith said this at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Conference in San Diego, California:

“You can do this in just a jet, in a very simple way: Make high quality aluminum particles just by spraying aluminum vapor out (which oxidizes). So, it’s certainly, in principle, possible to do that, and there’s a big literature that’s already looked at that. And you could do that by either building new versions of these aircraft, or even re-engineering existing aircraft. So, there are some ideas that if you go to an engineering firm and say, ‘I want this done,’ they don’t say this is hard or unusual, they say, ‘OK, yes we could do it.'”

Would a large company such as Boeing be willing to equip their commercial aircraft for Geo-Engineering? It seems highly possible (given the right price). Boeing is one of only two major companies producing aircraft for both commercial and military use.


Though mounting evidence suggests that Chemtrails may already be a reality, no evidence can prove, with certainty, that these types of programs are currently underway. Regardless of whether heavy metals are being sprayed into our atmosphere, scientists and governments are seriously considering the possibility of implementing such programs.

In the following film (see below), journalists Michael J. Murphy and Stewart Howe attended and documented the American Association for the Advancement of Science Conference in San Diego, California, where detailed discussions about the implementation of spraying programs described the potential use of commercial aircraft, the best substrates (specifically aluminum), and the possibility of steering weather and fighting global warming using SAG tactics.

When Geo-Engineer David Keith was asked about the harmfulness of aluminum particles to human respiration and the atmosphere, he began by stating that researchers at Carnegie Melon’s first task had been to research these effects and, “it is not even close to being and issue.”

The questioner asked again, “So let me clarify, so 10 megatons of aluminum dumped into the atmosphere would have no human health effects?”

At this point, Keith recants his original statement, saying: “S…so let me be more careful here… (stutters) so the alumina we’ve only begun to research, and published nothing.”

What in the World Are They Spraying?

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