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Buy Nothing Day & Buy Local Week

Posted in - Environment & People on November 14th 2011 0 Comments Buy Local Week & Buy Nothing Day

These special yearly events have been gaining momentum across the globe. Buy Nothing Day was started by the AdBusters anti-consumerist magazine based out of Vancouver. Buy Nothing Day is slated for Black Friday (November 25th) in the U.S. and aims to reduce consumerism that leads to depletion of the planet’s resources, corporatism and pollution.

Buy Local Week coincides with Buy Nothing Day (starting on the 25th of November in the U.S. and continuing for a week). Buy Local Week differs from Buy Nothing Day in that it does not discourage consumerism, but encourages keeping purchases local (in-turn promoting growth within our own communities and small businesses).

Is Buying Nothing a Good Thing?

Questions have arisen about the positive and negative effects of Buy Nothing Day, raising concerns that buying nothing will adversely impact the growth of local communities. Though it seems unlikely that communities will suffer from a single day of lesser purchases, (particularly on a day when purchases are largely made at malls and corporate stores anyway) the potential down-sides to complete anti-consumerism are worth paying attention too.

Buy Local Week seems to earn more support from the general population, but does not fully address concerns such as resources and environmental impact.

The Consensus?

People are more aware of the impact their purchases make than ever before, and problems associated with globalization, environmental degradation and corporatism have all played a part in awakening the broader population. Both of these events appear to have their purpose in helping raise awareness about these problems.

We think that a careful balance of less-waste, avoiding unnecessary purchases, buying used items and buying locally whenever possible is the answer, and we will be participating in both events! But, it doesn’t end here. These are actions we can all take on a daily basis to help improve the quality of life for everyone!

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