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The Bohemian Grove

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The Bohemian Grove is a 2,700 acre resort located near Sonoma, California (about 75 miles north of San Francisco). The Grove serves as a stomping ground for elite members of the secretive, all-male Bohemian Club.

It’s remote location, deep in the redwood forests of CA, has acted to keep club activities mostly a mystery. An article in the 80’s, published by Parade Magazine, and Alex Jones recent infiltration into the club, are probably the most revealing publicity the Grove has ever received.

History of the Grove

The Bohemian Club was founded in 1873. The club’s original annals detail many of its first members (who were mostly local artists, writers and lawyers seeking alternatives to the popular orthodox Christian lifestyle). The members found a remote location outside of the small town of Monte Rio, where they began constructing the grove itself. These members frequently wrote about their interest in Druidism and ancient Babylonian practices (which would eventually influence many of the ritualistic ceremonies of the modern-day Bohemian Club).

Though the club began as a retreat for artists, writers and lawyers, by the turn of the century there was a 15 year waiting list to become a member and presidents such as William Taft, Herbert Hoover and Dwight D. Eisenhower are cataloged in some of these lists.

More About the Club

The Bohemian Club’s membership includes many prominent business leaders, government officials, former presidents and others of power. Members are allowed to invite guests, but these visitors must be male, and undergo a thorough screening process. The club’s main event in July is more restricted than privately held events, or the smaller “Spring Jinks.”

It is believed that Bohemian Club membership has become a ‘right-of-passage’ for upcoming presidential elects (similar to membership in the Skull and Bones society). In 1963, a photograph of Ronald Reagan at the Grove, with Richard Nixon sitting next to him, was leaked to the public. Bill Clinton and Bush Senior and Junior have also been listed as attendees on the grove’s roster.

Strange & Controversial Practices

The Cremation of Care

One of the most controversial practices performed by Bohemian Club members is the annual mock-sacrifice to a 45 foot Moloch statue. Moloch is mentioned in various historical texts and is mostly associated with ancient Egyptian and Babylonian beliefs. Many of the ancient stories of child sacrifice were directly related to worship of this deity. These human sacrifices are the catalyst for the Bohemian Grove’s “mock” sacrifice of a human effigy.

This ceremony is referred to as the “Cremation of Care,” and was long considered a rumor, until it was infiltrated and filmed by Alex Jones in 2000. However, the club has openly admitted to these rituals before… A photograph of the ritual was released by the club itself, and a detailed article was published by Parade Magazine in 1981. This article is probably the most accurate piece that has ever been published about the Grove.

Alex Jones Footage

Cross Dressing, Prostitution & Murder?

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote “a man on his own often gets invited back to camps by gay Bohemians.” Annals over 100 years old have also chronicled some of the sexual activities performed on the camp grounds.

It is particularly difficult to ascertain the current legitimacy of these claims because the Grove has routinely positioned itself outside of any jurisdiction and managed to evade local and state investigations repeatedly. According to one of these male prostitutes, secret locations such as the UNDERGROUND lounge (spelled U.N.derground), a Leather Room, Dark Room and Necrophilia Room are hidden on the grounds.

Beginning in the mid 1980s there were rumors of murder in remote parts of the property. These rumors are most likely related to male prostitutes who expressed “fear for their lives.” Again, the legitimacy of prostitution and murder claims at the Grove (or even the witness accounts) is nearly impossible to prove because investigation of the club is blocked under the 1947 National Security Act.

Cross dressing however, is a common practice. Some photographs have been released that show men dressed in women’s clothing. Some believe this is simply a childish “college-like” behavior of drunken men having a good time. Others believe some of the cross-dressing practices are related to worship of the Moloch god (who in some cultures represented a female entity).

In 1989, Philip Weiss wrote for Spy Magazine, “You know you are inside the Bohemian Grove when you come down a trail in the woods and hear piano music from amid a group of tents and then round a bend to see a man with a beer in one hand and his penis in the other, urinating into the bushes. This is the most gloried-in ritual of the encampment, the freedom of powerful men to pee wherever they like…” Weiss also noted “hundreds of cigars whose smokers had ignited them in defiance of the California Forest Service’s posted warnings.”

The Grove as a Political Force

Most members of the Bohemian club are also proven members of the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg Group and other organizations with interest in world government. German, Helmut Schmidt, wrote extensively about the secret establishment “running the world,” which included The Bilderbergs, CFR, and Bohemian Grove members. He described the Grove as a wonderful hideaway to discuss “steering societies.” His books describe U.S. corporate and private infrastructures in great detail.

It is believed that methods for population control, world courts and other global control strategies have been created during Bohemian Grove meetings. The Grove is particularly famous for hosting the Manhattan Project planning meeting in September 1942, which subsequently led to the atomic bomb. Those attending this meeting (apart from Ernest Lawrence and military officials) included the president of Harvard and representatives of Standard Oil and General Electric. Grove members take public pride in this event.

Other known “Lakeside Talks” include Powell’s speech titled “America’s Promise Leading Armies and Leading Kids,” and Popoff, of Dow Chemical’s speech called “Environmental Journey.” Phillips described the public concern over these secret meetings, saying, “These are extremely powerful people and private discussions on policy issues that affect us certainly go against democratic principles. There’s no reason that those speeches they’re giving couldn’t be transcribed and made public. They have a responsibility to be open about it.”

When asked about membership in the club, many have denied its existence or avoided comment. Bill Clinton said, “The Bohemian club! Did you say Bohemian club? That’s where all those rich Republicans go up and stand naked against redwood trees right? I’ve never been to the Bohemian club but you oughta go. It’d be good for you. You’d get some fresh air.”

Richard Nixon said, “The Bohemian Grove, that I attend from time to time—the Easterners and the others come there—but it is the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine, that San Francisco crowd that goes in there; it’s just terrible! I mean I won’t shake hands with anybody from San Francisco.”

However, he was also quoted later saying, “If I were to choose the speech that gave me the most pleasure and satisfaction in my political career, it would be my Lakeside Speech at the Bohemian Grove in July 1967. Because this speech traditionally was off the record it received no publicity at the time. But in many important ways it marked the first milestone on my road to the presidency.”

Despite the club being formed by writers, it now bars journalists from membership to protect the group’s privacy. Publicity about the Bohemian club is rare (considering it has been in operation for over 120 years). Because of this lack of publicity, many people have never even heard of the club (or would consider its existence an urban legend).

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