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Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement – 2007

Posted in - Cultural & Social & Documentaries & Military & War & Political & Corporate on April 24th 2010 0 Comments Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement Documentary Review

Five Star Rating

“Alex Jones chronicles the history of the global elite’s bloody rise to power and reveals how they have funded dictators and financed the bloodiest wars—creating order out of chaos to pave the way for the first true world empire.”

If you have never heard of the Bilderberg Group, the North America transportation control grid, or the North American Union, this film is a must-see. Alex Jones’ propensity for radicalism may be a bit too much for the average person, but his inept ability to call issues before they arise, gives immense weight to his words.

When watching this film, keep in mind it’s release date, and compare it to recent events: The precognitive attributes of this movie are astonishing.

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