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The Cartel – 2009

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Three Star Rating

Director Bob Bowdon, takes an inside look at the U.S. public school system by focusing on one of the least educationally successful states: New Jersey.

With approximately half of it’s high school students never reaching graduation, and only about 30% of its students having “acceptable, or passing” math and reading scores, New Jersey has one of the worst public school systems to date: But, as Director Bob Bowdon points out, similar educational failures in the US are almost universal.

With the United States spending more money per student than any other country (but still falling far below some much less-developed countries on test scores), it’s clear the extra spending is not being utilized where it counts. Bowden uncovers the possible cause of this failure in a network of greed and corruption, throttled by a selfishly-motivated cartel of educational workers.

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