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Living in a Shipping Container

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Shipping container homes are a relatively new form of architecture derived from the latest push for recycled building. If living in a metal box sounds less-than-appealing to you, try typing “shipping container home” into Google. The architecture and design of some container homes is downright mind-blowing…

The “Porta-Bach” seen above and below can be purchased for $55,000, and sleeps up to 2 adults and two children. Living in a shipping container is an affordable and greener option than most modern construction methods to date. These homes are also relatively indestructible, and come with very few downsides (one of the known downsides are that they conduct more heat than other materials and may not be as well suited for hotter zones without extra insulation).


shipping container officeFuturist Stewart Brand converted a shipping container into personal office space, and recorded the construction process while writing his book “How Buildings Learn.”

In 2006, Architect Peter DeMaria, designed the first two story shipping container home in the U.S. as an approved structural system under the guidelines of the nationally recognized Uniform Building Code (UBC). Several other architects, such as Adam Kalkin have built original homes, using discarded shipping containers, and in 2000, the firm Urban Space Management completed a project they called Container City I in London.

The Many Uses for Shipping Containers

Containers are not only useful for home construction, but have served a number of purposes including: refrigeration units, concession stands, emergency shelters, school buildings, apartment and office buildings, studios, stores, bank vaults, medical clinics, shopping malls, sleeping rooms, recording studios, abstract art, transportable factories, experimental labs, Clandestine Cannabis gardens, bathrooms, showers, workshops, house foundations on unstable seismic zones, elevator/stairwell shafts, hotels, construction trailers, mine site accommodations and more!

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