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Hang-Drying Clothes in Small Spaces

Posted in - DIY & Home on February 17th 2011 0 Comments Telescoping Drying Rack

We’ve posted before about alternative ways to wash your clothes (see: Homemade Washer and Dryer), but if you are using a method for washing clothes that doesn’t involve a drying machine, you may run into the same issue I did… No space to hang-dry your clothes!

If you are fortunate enough to have a home with a yard of your very-own, you may have the space to put up an outdoor clothesline. If you have a full basement, you probably also have a place indoors to hang clothes… But, what if you live in tight quarters like an apartment or condo?

The Telescoping Indoor Drying Rack

This is by far the most space conscience solution to-date for hang-drying clothing. The Household Essentials 5003 Wall Mount Telescoping Indoor Drying Rack can be purchased on QVC’s website for $15.76 (this is the best price I was able to find).

The rack is 31.5 inches long, meaning you will need to find a space on your wall that you can dedicate that much width too, but the depth of the rack is the great feature. When it is closed, it will only eat up about three inches of space, and when expanded, can give you up to 14.5 inches of drying space. You could easily purchase several racks and stack them for even more hanging room!

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