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Eco-Domes: Affordable & Ergonomic Housing

Posted in - DIY & Home on February 7th 2011 0 Comments EcoDome

Before his death in 2008, architect and humanitarian Nader Khalili developed a breakthrough building technology referred to as Superadobe. His contributions to NASA and the Architectural Research Program live on, as do his ergonomic Eco-Dome houses.

EcoDome Under Construction Nader’s Superadobe construction method relies almost solely on sand bangs and earth. These sand bags (the same type used to revert floodwater), are filled, layered and fixed with barbed wire to create a simple circular “dome.” The resulting home is designed with the sun, wind and shade in mind (for passive heating and cooling), and with careful consideration for space and how to best utilize it.

If sand bags don’t sound sturdy enough for you, take a closer look. These bags are not only designed to hold back flood water, but aced California’s strict earthquake requirements… And the price? Cal-Earth’s 2,000 sq. ft. eco-dome model can be built for $3,000 worth of bags and barbed-wire! If you’re willing to go smaller, you will pay even less.

To learn more about Cal-Earth’s Superadobe construction, visit:

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