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Alternative Mini Washers & Dryers

Posted in - DIY & Home on March 12th 2011 1 Comments Mini Dryer

We’ve talked about hand washing clothes in our previous post Homemade Washer and Dryer, but we realize that there are two major downfalls to hand washing clothes… Time and effort. In addition, hand-wringing clothing can be hard on clothes and cause wrinkling and stretching.

Mini Washing Machines

Mini Washing Machine Mini, counter-top hand washers are a great alternative to washing clothes by hand with a washboard or plunging method. Though you won’t be able to do large loads, this is a great alternative for those who are willing to do a nightly wash, or who are single, apartment dwellers, or living mobile (in campers, boats, etc.).

The Wonderwash Portable washer is one of the most affordable and effective mini, hand-crank washers and can be purchased at for under $40.

Mini Spin Dryers

Personally, I think having a mini washer is optional. I haven’t found the process of plunging or scrubbing clothing to be as difficult as the process of wringing them.

Not only is hand wringing difficult, but it can be very hard on your clothes (causing stretching and wrinkling). In search of a better way to manage drying clothing, we came across mini spin dryers. The best value spin dryer on the market is probably the Mini Countertop Spin Dryer, which can also be purchased from for under $70. This dryer is very effective at spinning water out of clothing (more so than a traditional washer spin cycle), but will only allow several pieces of clothing at a time. Again, this is not a tool for large loads, but is a perfect sidekick to the mini washer.

This spin dryer will use a small amount of electricity, and empties the water through a small tube in the bottom (which you will need to have draining into your sink or bucket). It will hold approximately two pairs of jeans at a time, and should wring out enough water to leave your clothing only slightly damp.

After wringing your clothes, you will still need a location for hang-drying. For this, we’re very fond of the Telescoping Indoor Drying Rack… See: Hang-Drying Clothes in Small Spaces.

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