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Making Your Own Mouthwash

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Bad breath is usually caused by food particles left in your mouth after eating, a result of the types of foods you eat, or problems such as gum disease. Companies make billions every year off of mouthwash products that are designed to mask bad breath, but do not actually work to neutralize it. Furthermore, these …

Preventing and Improving Stretch Marks

Posted in - Food & Health on June 20th 2010 0 Comments Preventing and Treating Stretch Marks

Is There a Cure?

Unfortunately, stretch marks (like most scars) cannot be magically evaporated. Because stretch marks naturally fade with time, many people are misguided by the use of creams and lotions, (believing they will provide a slow cure).

Getting Rid of Fleas Naturally

Posted in - Food & Health on June 7th 2010 1 Comments Organic Flea Treatments

It’s summer time, your pet has suddenly started scratching, your ankles are covered in itchy bumps, and little black specks scatter everywhere when you try to love on your furry friend… You’ve been invaded by fleas! No worries, there are a variety of organic flea treatments that will rid you, and your pets of the …

Drying, Preserving and Using Herbs

Posted in - Food & Health & Gardening on June 7th 2010 0 Comments How to Dry Herbs

Before drying any of your herbs, you should rinse them in cold water, and pat dry with paper towels. There are a number of methods for preserving herbs including air drying, sand drying, heat drying, freezing, vinegars, butters, mustards, potpourri and more!

Naturally Prevent and Treat an Upset Stomach

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“Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!” The ridiculous Pepto commercial always comes to mind when I think about upsets in the digestive system. I have an incredibly sensitive stomach, and am prone to getting esophageal spasms (usually they kick up with my heartburn). These issues have prompted me to research ways to prevent, and also …

Antibiotics in Meat

Posted in - Environment & People & Food & Health on May 25th 2010 1 Comments Antibiotics in Beef

According to reports from such sources as CBS Evening News and Mercy for Animals, over the past year alone, bacterial infections have killed over 70,000 Americans. Scientists call it the new emerging health crisis and blame a large part of the increase in human infections on the aggressive use of antibiotics in the treatment of …

Deodorant Stones

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The Truth About Most Deodorants

Most deodorants bought in the store contain aluminum. They work by clogging your pores to prevent sweating, and using strong perfumes to mask odors. There has not been any research on the dangers of aluminum to your skin, but many have found that commercial deodorants cause irritation

Canning Green Beans

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Canning Fresh Green Beans

Follow the directions for canning low-acidic foods here: Canning 101.

Make sure your green beans are the freshest, crispest green beans you can find (usually local produce is fresher). Trim off the ends, and cut the beans to whatever length you prefer. Place the beans in your sterilized, pint sized, pre-heated jars …

Basics of Canning: Canning 101

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Canning Acidic Foods

Foods such as fruits, juices, jams, jellies, spreads, salsas, tomatoes, pickles, relishes, sauces, vinegars, chutneys and condiments all fit into the acidic foods category. Depending on what you are canning, you should look for a preserving recipe for that food (we will be posting recipes soon).

Making Butter From Leftover Cream

Posted in - Food & Health on May 3rd 2010 0 Comments Making Butter from Cream

Have you ever purchased heavy cream and had leftovers? It can be difficult to use all of your heavy cream before it sours, but there are other ways to put leftover cream to good use. Learn to make your own butter.

Making Herbal Shampoo

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Traditional shampoo is usually full of harsh cleaners that can irritate and dry your scalp. Castile soap is made from natural vegetable oil ingredients and can be heavily diluted with water, creating a shampoo that is mild and (at about $3.59 for 16 oz.) is much more affordable than store-bought organic shampoos.