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Almonds: Why & How to Use Them

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In the battle to maintain health, energy, focus, and good weight, almonds are a richly nutritious resource. With a high percentage of protein (6 grams of protein per 1 ounce), and a fantastic source of vitamin E, Magnesium, Phosphorus, B’s 1, 2, 3, 9, zinc, and iron, almonds are no doubt a vital addition to …

Kombucha in Stores is Not What it Used to Be

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If you hadn’t heard of Kombucha before, the company GT may have peeked your interest. GT was making quite a name for themselves with their bottled Kombucha (found in most grocery stores) but GT sales were halted in their tracks because of supposed customer complaints about alcohol levels (Kombucha does contain minor traces of alcohol).

Top Cleansing Foods

Posted in - Food & Health on March 15th 2011 2 Comments Best Cleansing Foods

The human body will contend with approximately 60 tons of food in its lifetime. For many of us, these foods will at least in part (or even in full) consist of processed junk that sticks to your insides like filling a gas tank in a car with super glue.

Potatoes: Starchy No-No, or Health-Food Necessity?

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One of the first foods to go out the window when you are on a strict diet is usually potatoes. Though potatoes are still the most grown crop in the world, they have gained a reputation for being relatively devoid of nutritional value (or even bad for you). Fortunately, these are both common misconceptions.

The Key to Good Health: Change Your Mind

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What does it take to maintain good health? Eating right? Exercise? Supplements? Stress management? The answer to all of these is yes, but where does the change between healthy and unhealthy practices begin?

Many people find it increasingly difficult to maintain good health habits. Constant bombardment from media and advertising combined with poor habits passed down …

The Truth About Toxic Fluoride

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What many people have come to accept as a naturally occurring substance (Fluoride) is, in reality, a byproduct of a naturally occurring gas called “Fluorine” (which research suggested could have potential benefits for tooth enamel).

This research is what led to the suggestion that “Fluoride” be added to drinking water to help maintain healthier teeth and …

Exposing Triclosan

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Triclosan gained popularity in the 1970’s as an antibacterial agent. Though studies have proven that it is efficient in preventing gingivitis, there has yet to be any evidence of its effectiveness in any other product (according to the FDA themselves).

The Dangers of Birth Control

Posted in - Food & Health on December 13th 2010 1 Comments Birth Control is Deadly

Hormonal birth control is used by an estimated 150 million women. Unfortunately, hormonal contraceptives have become so widely accepted, that the side-effects and dangers of their use are often ignored (or considered acceptable). To understand why birth control can be so detrimental to your health, it is important to understand how hormonal contraceptives work.

Improving Sex Drive Naturally

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Understanding why you’re feeling sexual disinterest is paramount to finding ways to enhance and improve your sexual drive. Both men and women can find their libidos lowered for a plethora of reasons such as stress, hormonal changes, relationship problems, psychological and emotional problems, health, illness and reactions to drugs or chemicals.

Aspartame: Sweet and Deadly

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Aspartame is the ingredient used in most synthetic sweeteners. The chemical was first synthesized by G.D. Searle in 1965, but when G.D. Searle was bought-out by Monsanto Company (in 1984), Aspartame became a subsidiary of Monsanto (known as NutraSweet). Aspartame is currently used in millions of products including:

Spirulina: The Super Food

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Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is cultivated around the world, and can be found as a dietary supplement in powder, flake or tablet form. In 1977, The United Nations World Food Conference called Spirulina the “best food for the future.”

Niacin: The Depression Cure

Posted in - Food & Health on October 18th 2010 212 Comments Taking Niacin for Severe Depression

Niacin (or vitamin B-3) has been a long-standing known cure for chronic depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, most of us have never heard of the potential emotional benefits of Niacin. Though the reason for secrecy surrounding vitamin therapy has a complicated and deep-rooted past,

A Simple Start To a Healthier Life

Posted in - Food & Health on October 14th 2010 2 Comments Simple Ways to Be Healthier

If you are anything like me, changing eating and health habits is no easy task. Just thinking about all of the facts and information that need to be learned, the requirements to follow and changes that need to be made to your family’s lifestyle can easily cause you to give up on health altogether.