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Make Your Own All Purpose Cleaner

Posted in - DIY & Home on April 22nd 2010 0 Comments How to Make All-Purpose Cleaner

Most store-bought cleaners are full of harsh chemicals and perfumes, and organic soaps can be costly. You can make your own organic all purpose cleaner at home for approx. 12 cents per 15oz. in comparison to commercial soaps that will cost at least $2 for the same amount.

Making Liquid Laundry Detergent

Posted in - DIY & Home on April 21st 2010 0 Comments Make Your Own Liquid Detergent

Most store bought laundry detergents are overpriced and contain harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin. Organic detergents are often expensive and come in small quantities. Making your own detergent will cost approx. $15 for 500 loads. It can cost anywhere from $5 to over $20 to wash approx. 30 loads using store-bought laundry detergent.