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DIY Cheap Flooring

Posted in - DIY & Home on January 16th 2014 2 Comments plywood hardwood floor

Fresh flooring can add beauty and value to your home, but hardwoods and traditional stone or tile flooring can be very costly.

We’ve compiled some of the best ideas on the web for DIY flooring solutions.

How to Make Your Own Dog Treats

Posted in - DIY & Home on January 31st 2013 0 Comments Making Dog Treats with Cream Cheese

I am the owner of 2 dogs, an old Welsh Corgi and a German Sheppard who is a little over a year. As a pet owner, I am often concerned about the quality of the foods and treats offered for sale in stores. High quality treats can be very expensive, and most store-bought treats are …

Recycled Book Furniture

Posted in - DIY & Home on July 17th 2011 7 Comments Making Furniture from Books

It’s a trend that is gaining popularity – building furniture out of old hardcover books. These unwanted books are in surplus and cant always be recycled because of the glues used to assemble them. It shouldn’t be difficult to track down lots of old books for just pennies each. Once you’ve collected enough books you …

Basics of Soap Making – Recipe for Beginners

Posted in - DIY & Home on June 14th 2011 2 Comments Basic Soap Recipe

Before attempting to make your own soap, you should make sure you have collected all the necessary supplies. See: Soap Making Tools & Supplies

NOTE: You will want to avoid using tap water in your soap recipes (especially if you are using public water)

Basics of Soap Making – Tools and Supplies

Posted in - DIY & Home on June 14th 2011 0 Comments Tools For Making Soap

Soap making has become more craft than necessity, but with the increasingly wide range of dangerous chemicals being added to most commercial soaps, you might find reason for this craft to be more than just a hobby!

First and foremost, you will need tools! Any tools that are being used for soap making should be dedicated …

Alternative Mini Washers & Dryers

Posted in - DIY & Home on March 12th 2011 1 Comments Mini Dryer

We’ve talked about hand washing clothes in our previous post Homemade Washer and Dryer, but we realize that there are two major downfalls to hand washing clothes… Time and effort. In addition, hand-wringing clothing can be hard on clothes and cause wrinkling and stretching.

Hang-Drying Clothes in Small Spaces

Posted in - DIY & Home on February 17th 2011 0 Comments Telescoping Drying Rack

We’ve posted before about alternative ways to wash your clothes (see: Homemade Washer and Dryer), but if you are using a method for washing clothes that doesn’t involve a drying machine, you may run into the same issue I did… No space to hang-dry your clothes!

If you are fortunate enough to have a home with …

Eco-Domes: Affordable & Ergonomic Housing

Posted in - DIY & Home on February 7th 2011 0 Comments EcoDome

Before his death in 2008, architect and humanitarian Nader Khalili developed a breakthrough building technology referred to as Superadobe. His contributions to NASA and the Architectural Research Program live on, as do his ergonomic Eco-Dome houses.

Concrete Block & Crate Furniture

Posted in - DIY & Home on September 20th 2010 0 Comments Concrete and Crate Furniture

Constructing your own desks, tables and other surfaces is not only more affordable, but can also be a great solution when working with small spaces. I currently live in a small 3rd floor apartment and desperately needed to find better ways to utilize the space I have. I was not able to find items anywhere …

Homemade Playdough and Finger Paints

Posted in - DIY & Home on July 19th 2010 0 Comments making playdough

Ever noticed how children seem to get more joy out of the box, than the toy that came in it? I learned quickly, that having fun with the kids doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavor. The process of making your own paints and playdough together, can be as much fun as playing with the …

Modern Day Cavemen

Posted in - DIY & Home on May 19th 2010 0 Comments Cave Home

People have lived in caves since the beginning of humanity and apparently it hasn’t gone out of style (though the homes themselves have become more stylish). In prehistoric times, it was often easier for people to carve homes into mountainsides than it was to build from scratch. Today, people take inspiration from architects of the …

Build Your Own Recycled Greenhouse

Posted in - DIY & Home & Gardening on May 5th 2010 1 Comments Greenhouse from Recycled Materials

Purchasing a pre-built greenhouse can be pricey, but with a bit of ingenuity and handyman tact, you can construct a greenhouse yourself from recycled materials. See the above samples for greenhouses built out of old windows and storm doors!

Form and Forest Cabins

Posted in - DIY & Home on April 30th 2010 0 Comments Form and Forest Cabin

Outfitted with a massive deck, interior courtyard, master bedroom and a bathtub with a view to the stars, the Cowboy (seen above), is perfect for a couple or small family. The Cowboy is one of multiple designs by the Canadian company “Form and Forest,” who have taken modular homes to an entirely new level…

Homemade Washer and Dryer

Posted in - DIY & Home on April 26th 2010 0 Comments Bucket and Plunger Method

This method may not be appropriate for those with tight time restrictions, but if hand-washing your clothes is too time consuming, you could still save by Making Your Own Detergent.

Based on the combined cost of water, electricity and/or gas, a person could save as much as $1.15 per load washing their clothes by hand… …

The Cob Home

Posted in - DIY & Home on April 26th 2010 0 Comments Cob Home

Cob homes have been around for centuries and many are still standing. The beauty of cob, is that anyone willing to get their hands dirty, is more than capable of building their own cob home. Not only is cob affordable and beautiful, but will continue as one of the most environmentally friendly construction …